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      Welcome to Shade of Blue, where adventure meets apparel!

      My name is Stacey, travel fanatic and lover of all things fashion.

      I've been in the meetings and travel industry for over 20 years and have owned my own boutique for the last 10 years. I believe that when you travel it can transport you into a new world; taking you away from the hustle and bustle of life and into a world of adventure. 

      Not only do I love to travel myself, but I also love helping others plan their dream vacations! And once that trip is planned, i'm here to help you pick out some great pieces to pack for your trip!

      Planning a trip can be overwhelming, but with my help, all you have to think about is making memories!

      Whether you're looking for help planning your next trip or just want some fashion inspiration for your upcoming travels, I'm here for you!