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      You've gathered up your besties and are ready for some adult time away! It's time to catch up with friends, relax in the sun and get away from it all for a bit. We can help with all the details while you focus on who's going to watch the kids while you are away.
      Family dynamics can always be a little tricky, but even more so when you are trying to plan a trip together! Let us be your planner while working together with your group to pick the perfect vacation spot and get all the details figures out! From accommodations, to air travel, to ground transportation, to activities! We've got you covered! Let us focus on the details, while you focus on making memories!
      From meetings to incentive trips, we've got you covered! I've worked in this world since 2002 and specialize in corporate group travel! Need to take it a step further and set up an event website and registration form; we can help with all your corporate event and travel needs.